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Saturday, July 01, 2006

20 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy ultrasound is a routine exam to a pregnant woman. It is considered safe for the mother and baby if properly used. It’s usually done at 18-20 weeks pregnant; also at other times when medical information about pregnancy is needed. However casual use of the ultrasound should be avoided.

The needs for ultrasound exam are:

To check the baby's growth and size
To determine the age of the baby
To identify multiple pregnancy (twins or more)
To identify the baby’s gender
To look for major birth defects
To check the amniotic fluid (is there too much or too little?)
To check the baby's well-being and movement
To determine the baby’s delivery date

Ultrasound exam uses sound waves to show the picture of the baby. A handheld device, called transducer is used for the exam. When the transducer is rubbed across the belly, a black and white picture is shown on a screen.

On June 12 last month, I went to clinic for a pregnancy ultrasound. I was 20 weeks pregnant by that time. I have always looked forward for the exam as I never did an ultrasound exam before. The exam took about a few minute’s time only.

I felt a little pressure but no pain as the transducer is rubbed across my belly. At the same time, I saw my baby on the screen. I saw him sucking his thumb (I think) sleepily and he looks very thin and fragile to me. It is a very thrilling experienced.

The doctor said that my baby is fine, he is still small and will grow accordingly and the amniotic fluid seems normal. He also informed me the expected delivery date and print me my baby's picture. I wish I could scan it and share with my blog reader.

This is an image of 20 weeks pregnant by ultrasound.

Maternity clothes Cheap, cute, stylish

With my recent belly condition, stretch out and swollen big, most of my clothing habit has change. In order to suit the situation, I have to buy several new cute, cheap and stylish maternity clothes for myself because my previous daily outfits make me feels uneasy and uncomfortable.

Before I got pregnant, I prefer simple t-shirts with jeans and flat shoes. Thus I only have collections of fit shirt, t-shirt, long slack, jean, tight pant and flat heeled shoe. However, nowadays fit shirts and tight jeans suffocate me and flat shoes strain my ankle and my feet.

Even though I dislike maternity outfits, it has becomes my preferable clothes now. No matter where I was, I am more comfortable and at ease with gown or loose clothes. As for shoes, I wear low heeled shoes because it does not strain my back as well as my ankle and feet.

Maternity outfit is important to a pregnant woman. Especially, the clothes are more comfortable and more suitable with their condition. Maternity outfit is a must have clothes to a pregnant women to improves their moods physically and emotionally.

* mmm, actually cheap, cute and stylish maternity clothes comes in many fashionable design. There were gowns, shirts and pants of many fabrics that could be choose from.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Baby Kicks Me Active, Healthy and Naughty

My baby moves a lot lately. He always kicks me in my stomach (assuming that my baby is a boy). How active and naughty of him. But I feel relief because of the kick. It indicates that he is fine and healthy.

I’m 22+ weeks pregnant now. From what I’ve read, whoever over than 20 weeks pregnant is in her second trimester stage.

In second trimester stage, the baby could be very thin but very developed. The eyelids and eyebrows are now formed, and the brain begins to growth rapidly. Their gender also has begun to form their descent from pelvis to the scrotum. All this development could be seen by ultrasound examination.

So, it’s common if my belly stretch out and swollen big already. It’s because the uterus (my baby) is nearly an inch above my navel. I also gain more weight now as my baby continues to fill out my belly, and I no longer in shapely figure because of the extra weight begins to take its toll on my back.

I really am glad with my baby movement. It never hurt me, instead it make me feels funny and happy. It also makes me feels like a mother and accompanied. Furthermore, the doctor told me, the kick indicates that my baby is fine, active and healthy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shopping Baby Clothes through The Stores

Last Sunday, my husband and I went shopping clothes and stuffs for our to-be born baby. Our choices for shopping are Carrefour and The Store shopping complex. Shopping for baby clothes and stuffs through the stores really tires me and my husband.

Carrefour is at Seberang Prai and quite far from Kulim. We took about an hour to reached Carrefour by car drives. When we arrived, the roof parking lot already full with car and other motorbike. So, we park at extra car park lot near the building.

Many people of all races already roaming and selecting goods from racks when we enter the shopping area. As we were excited, we wasted no time and headed to the kids area. There were so many brands, colors, designs and prices displayed. We really have had fun time shopping clothes and other stuffs for our baby.

We managed to buy a light green color towel, three pairs of baby blouse and pant, three pairs of bootees and mittens, a piece of baby soother, a set of colorful baby nappy pins, two pieces of baby milk bottle, and a light red color baby spring cot net. The prices at Carrefour are reasonable and promises good quality too.

While we were on our way home, we stopped by The Store shopping complex at Kulim town. At The Store, we bought two pairs more of baby blouse and pant, a pair of bootees and mitten, a package of twelve pieces Pureen baby napkin and a set of Pureen plastic tie-pants, a bright red color vacuum flask, a light purple color plastic jug, a light blue color basin, two bottles of hygienic Anakku baby talc.

When we reached our home that same night, we were really exhausted. We felt our feet a little swollen and our leg a little weary. We really enjoyed shopping clothes and stuffs for our baby and we don’t think that we would forget the experience easily. However, we felt a bit disappointed because we did not prepare list for things that we need to buy before we went shopping.

* My advice to others, prepare a list of things that you want to buy before you go shopping. Don’t just go shopping and shop because you might forget the things that you really should buy but buy things that you shouldn’t. Besides shopping in the stores, you also could shop by internet.

New Bed And Mattress for Back Pain Relief

What is your feeling, if you feel a hard pain in you back when you woke up from your night sleep? As for me, I felt depress and tension just as much as my husband.

Since our marriage, we only use comforter as our mattress. We never had any pain until lately, our sleep were spoiled by the pain in our back. Consuming that if we change our comforter with a bed and mattress, we would hush away all the pain. Unfortunately, the pain still bothers us. My husband still groans whenever he woke up from his sleep and I just as much.

Because of our low budget, I cannot afford to buy a fine mattress like Dormia's, we bought a Masterfoam's foam mattress with an iron couple bed instead. The mattress is queen size of 5 inch thick. We did sleep soundly at first. However, after 3 or 4 weeks later, my husband starts complaining that the pain in his back has return.

Just why our back in pain and bothered our sleep? My conclusions are because of the way we stretch our back during our sleep and foam mattress is not a good solution because it would slacken after some time of usage and could not imitate our body posture accordingly.

First lessons from my story is don’t trust the seller, no matter what they says about a mattress unless you want to regret later as I did. Secondly, do a little study of suitable mattress that suits your needs before buying. Lastly, don’t just go and buy a mattress from a shop, survey from a shop to another shop and compared the prices instead.