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Friday, June 23, 2006

Cut Sugar to loss weight fast and Prevent Diabetes

Everybody wish for slim and slender body. They would feel uneasy and would not sit comfortably if they gain extra weight. They would either take pills or head for nearest gym for daily exercises.

A wise person, whose wish to lose weight successfully would also cut sugar to trim the fat in their body. It is wise because they could also prevent or delay diabetes.

How they lose their weight successfully and prevent diabetes? They just do the following:

  1. Avoid sugar because sugar is rapidly absorbed and cause fast changes in insulin balance.
  2. Avoid refined carbohydrate products because it is a sugar-based product. A sugar-based product does not contain vitamins or minerals and is metabolized quickly.
  3. Be wary of ‘low-fat’ processed foods because it is full of sugar and sugar is a nutrient-free food.
  4. Be cautious of ‘no-sugar-added’ foods because it might contain ingredients such as maltodextrin, malted barley, polydextrose, sorbitol or sugar alcohol. Those ingredients are all carbohydrates and, as such, could elevate the blood sugar.
  5. Take lots of Vitamin C, it helps prevent the accumulation of cholesterol plaques on the blood vessel walls. This vitamin could be found in fresh fruits, especially in citrus, guavas and vegetables.
  6. Take lots of Vitamin E, it helps prevent platelet stickiness and it may increase good ‘HDL’ cholesterol levels. This vitamin could be found in cereal products, vegetable oils, wheat germ, eggs and nuts.
  7. Take lots of magnesium because it probably the most important mineral in heart and blood vessels and it promotes proper functioning of the heart and blood vessel cells. Magnesium is found in meat, dairy product, pulses and cereals.
  8. Take calcium, zinc, copper, chromium and selenium, the trace minerals essential, to help lower blood levels and promote normal functioning of he heart and blood vessel cells.
· Calcium is present in ‘ikan bilis’, meat and dairy product.
· Zinc is in seafood, wholewheat and pulses.
· Copper is in seafood and meat.
· Chromium is a good source to balance the diet. It is in yeast, liver, cheese and wheatgerm.
· Selenium is found in fish, shellfish, red meat, grains, eggs, chicken, liver and garlic.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Symptom of Diabetes

People will only aware of diabetes when glucose is detected in urine. It’s because some of them do not suffer early symptoms as about 50% of diabetics have no symptom at all and some may have one or more of symptoms before they found out that they had diabetes just like as a phrase I found in a book ‘let the ants tell them’.

There are few symptoms or signs allocate diabetes in the body. The symptoms are:

  • Feel very thirsty
  • Feel very hungry
  • often urinating
  • always feel tired
  • lose weight without trying
  • sores heals slowly
  • have dry and itchy skin
  • feel numbness or loss of sensation in the legs
  • have blurry eyesight

As for me, I did have all as the above, but I never give much attention. Furthermore, I’m 25 years old with 53kg weight and 157cm height. Thus, I’m not overweight and I’m still young. In addition, I’m pregnant my first child and I never have an abortion. Last but not least, neither my mother nor my father has diabetes in the past.

However, since my pregnancy I always feel hungry, thirsty and tired. Sometimes, I had blurry sight and I often urinate. Let’s say, almost every hour at night I woke up just to pee. I also lose weight drastically, about 3.5 kg in a month. Once, I got a fever and it took almost a week to recover. I also got dry and itchy skin and whenever I start scratching, I feel hard to stop it. The other symptom of diabetes that I got is I will lose feeling on the legs if I suddenly stand up and walk after I sit for a few minutes.

Hopefully, with the advice from the doctor and my special care over my diet, I could kick away all the ants from my system.

Diabetes Type 1 Among Children

That’s right. That’s what I just found out in my search through the net. Even our little sweetheart is endangered by diabetes. It is known as diabetes type 1 and formerly called ‘juvenile diabetes’ or ‘insulin-dependent diabetes’.

Diabetes could happen to any body of any age. Not only a pregnant woman or an overweight person threatened by diabetes, but also our children and our teenagers. In other word, diabetes could be developed since childhood, not only at older age or during pregnancy.

It’s unbelievable though, how our child who is still at young age could be a victim of diabetes. A simple consumption could be made here. Either it’s us, as the parent plant the disease in their body or because of their pancreas failed to function normally to support their body.

Just how we plant the symptom in our child body? That’s the answer that a parent should give a considerable time to refresh and revised what we had give our child eat everyday, what our child ate and drink the most and are they being inactive all the time .

But how could we confirm they are endangered by the disease? A diabetic usually showed the same symptoms. In the next post we will discuss it further. Till then beware of our child dietary. Don’t pet them with sweet food or soft drink and try to lures them to be active because diabetes Type 1 could strike them at anytime, with or without signs.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Information on Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where the sugar or glucose level in the blood is higher than normal. It occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, a hormone that clears the excess sugar in the blood.

The word ‘diabetes’ literally, means ‘sugar in the urine’ as the excess sugar in the blood spills into the urine. The total amount of sugar normally present in the bloodstream is approximately 1 tsp.

Diabetes could be possibly passed to a person by generation. However, diabetes could also be develop if they starve for sweet food or soft drink, eat the most sugar and take the least amount of fibre.

When a person eats lots of table sugar, he consumes empty calories because sugar is known as an ‘empty calories’ or a nutrient-free food. Thus, our blood sugar soars and stresses the body because the body has to work hard to lower it down back to normal level. The whole process would only aggravate and complicates diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes the Unknown Reason

About 3 month ago, I went to the clinic to confirm upon my pregnancy. I was informed with a good and a bad news. The good news was I am 10+ weeks pregnant. However I was also told that my RBS or ‘random blood glucose’ is above 7.0mmol per 1 tsp.

At first, I did not understand what the nurse told me. But when she explain that I was suspected as a diabetes sufferer, I felt panic. I had heard so many stories of diabetes complications and becomes a diabetes sufferer myself is beyond imagination. Since then, I have to go to the same clinic to do monthly blood test to check my glucose level.

To confirm the RBS reading, I was called for a MGTT test. In full form is ‘modified glucose tolerance test’. For the test, I need to fast for about 10 hours. Thus, I fasting after 10.00 pm before the test was performed. Around 08.00 am the next morning, they took my first blood sample. Then I was given very sweet water called glucose to drink. After that, I continued fasting for two hours more before they took my second blood sample.

The results after fasting and after given the sweet water are differ about twice times. The first result was 4.98mmol per 1 tsp (should not over 7.8mmol/1 tsp) and the second result was 8.57mmol per 1 tsp (should not over 11mmol/1 tsp). Even though, the blood test result does higher than normal but it still not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

However, the next time I see the doctor, he told me that I develop gestational diabetes. It happens during pregnancy and common to pregnant women. Although this form of diabetes usually goes away after the baby is born, but any woman who has it is more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. The doctor also told me that there is no known for gestational diabetes but it might be caused by the hormones of pregnancy or a shortage of insulin because of the baby growth.

To reduce the risk of getting diabetes, I was advised to watch my daily diet. Took less sugar, avoid sweet food or drink, no carbonates drink and etc. I also was told that with modest weight loss and moderate physical activity, I can delay or prevent developing type 2 diabetes and return to normal glucose levels.

Along with the dietary, monthly blood test called BSP or ‘blood sample profile’ also needs to be performed. It is done to spy upon my blood level until my baby is born. If my blood level still uncontrolled 42 weeks after the baby is born I might need to depend on insulin in my whole life. That's the doctor last word to me.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

11 ways to curb your sugar craving

Everyday we eat sugar and honestly everybody have some type of sugar that they are addicted to. These articles give you some method that you can take to curb your sugar craving. Expert in this field say that it is possible to adjust your lifestyle to desire less sugar. Here is the secret medical people deal with the problem.

  1. Keep a sugar diary
  2. Banish your sugar and sweets from the house
  3. Take time out to nibble
  4. Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates
  5. Beat binges with exercises
  6. Get a daily dose of B vitamins
  7. Get your fair shore of chromium, manganese, and zinc
  8. Avoid red meats
  9. Read package labels very carefully
  10. Ward of vending machines
  11. Reach for fruit, your natural sweet
You can get medication from medical company like Shaklee. Shaklee has good range of product to curb your sugar craving.