Health Tip Diabetes During Pregnancy

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Symptom Teeth Bleeding, Finger Numbness, Legs Cramp during Pregnancy

Lately, I’ve been suffering teeth bleeding, finger numbness and also legs cramp. As I discuss with the doctor, he simply told me the reason for the symptoms.

First of all, he gave me a brief talk of nutrient importance to a human’s body, specifically to a pregnant woman’s body. And the reason is, instead of the woman’s body self need, her body also is the only source to provide the baby with balance nutrient.

Lack in any type of nutrient will leads to ill health. Those symptoms I suffer are simply due to the inadequate intake of calcium. While in the process of growing, a baby simply needs more calcium for his bone structure. And he extracts the needed calcium from the mother’s body. That’s why a pregnant woman is advised to take more food which calcium is present, such as ‘ikan bilis’, meat and diary products together with the given supplement.