Health Tip Diabetes During Pregnancy

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Genital Infection during Pregnancy

I believe I have to be overbold if I’m going to blog about this. And I also believe that I’d once write about genital infection during pregnancy in my previous post which is Gestational Diabetes Complications and Risks.

If I’m not mistaken, genital infection is caused by fungal infection called ‘candida albicans’ around a woman’s genital, which is also known as vaginitis. A white or yellowish, or quite greenish liquid is discharge from that part of the body. It makes its surround itches like mad. It also causes bad smell and redness to the area.

After seeing the doctor, she advised me to changed underwear frequently and never ever wears damp underwear. She also has given me a few tablets called ‘Candida Vaginal Tablets’ as treatment for the infection. It is yellow tablets that you push into that part of the body just before you head off to sleep.

Lastly, I would like to recommend you guys to these sites for more info about this sort of thing. Hmmm…it is (a blog of another woman’s experience with same infection) and Group Health Care (a site for drug database).