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Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby Size at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

Hmm.. I wonder what my baby’s size is now. As I recall from my latest visit to the clinic, my womb height is about 28 cm and around 7 cm above my navel. And I believed that his weight is more than 2 kg now, because the last time I did an ultrasound scans which was when I am 26 weeks pregnant, his weight is about 1.57 kg.

From what I’d read, I realized that his eyebrows and eyelashes are present by this week. His eyelids could be open and his eyes are completely formed. So is his hair on the head. His body also gets plumber and rounder with some amount of body fat.

Most interesting info is that by 28 weeks of pregnancy, our baby could recognize our voice. So, I’d practically try to talk to him as much as I can spare. Be sure you will talk to your baby a lot too. It’s amusing though because if peoples saw us with that act, they sure think that we are insane..ha..ha..