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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Active Baby Is Kicking My Belly

I am only 27 weeks pregnant by now, but I felt like a mother already. When I’m alone at home (my husband went to work), I always talk softly as I sooth my belly (like talking to my baby). In respond, I felt like he is kicking me. Sometimes, it’s only a slow kick, but there were a few times I felt like he kick me really hard and very constant. He (my baby) really is an active kicking baby.

A woman will start feeling the soft kicking movement in the belly when they are over 16 weeks (4 months) pregnant. Some woman, who is first time pregnant, might not recognize or realize the movement unless they are told by other people.

Kicking movement is a common progress due to the baby growth. As the baby grows by week after another, the movement becomes more constant and harder. It also becomes more significant and noticeable by the mother.

However, the movements made by a baby boy are different than a baby girl. A baby boy usually moves more frequent than a baby girl. The movements made by a baby boy also harder than a baby girl.

In other word, we could simply guest the baby’s gender from their kicking movements. An active kicking baby usually indicates that the baby is a boy, instead of a girl. So, let’s make a guest of our baby’s gender from their movement, and confirm it with the ultrasound. Good luck…