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Saturday, July 01, 2006

20 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy ultrasound is a routine exam to a pregnant woman. It is considered safe for the mother and baby if properly used. It’s usually done at 18-20 weeks pregnant; also at other times when medical information about pregnancy is needed. However casual use of the ultrasound should be avoided.

The needs for ultrasound exam are:

To check the baby's growth and size
To determine the age of the baby
To identify multiple pregnancy (twins or more)
To identify the baby’s gender
To look for major birth defects
To check the amniotic fluid (is there too much or too little?)
To check the baby's well-being and movement
To determine the baby’s delivery date

Ultrasound exam uses sound waves to show the picture of the baby. A handheld device, called transducer is used for the exam. When the transducer is rubbed across the belly, a black and white picture is shown on a screen.

On June 12 last month, I went to clinic for a pregnancy ultrasound. I was 20 weeks pregnant by that time. I have always looked forward for the exam as I never did an ultrasound exam before. The exam took about a few minute’s time only.

I felt a little pressure but no pain as the transducer is rubbed across my belly. At the same time, I saw my baby on the screen. I saw him sucking his thumb (I think) sleepily and he looks very thin and fragile to me. It is a very thrilling experienced.

The doctor said that my baby is fine, he is still small and will grow accordingly and the amniotic fluid seems normal. He also informed me the expected delivery date and print me my baby's picture. I wish I could scan it and share with my blog reader.

This is an image of 20 weeks pregnant by ultrasound.