Health Tip Diabetes During Pregnancy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Symptom of Diabetes

People will only aware of diabetes when glucose is detected in urine. It’s because some of them do not suffer early symptoms as about 50% of diabetics have no symptom at all and some may have one or more of symptoms before they found out that they had diabetes just like as a phrase I found in a book ‘let the ants tell them’.

There are few symptoms or signs allocate diabetes in the body. The symptoms are:

  • Feel very thirsty
  • Feel very hungry
  • often urinating
  • always feel tired
  • lose weight without trying
  • sores heals slowly
  • have dry and itchy skin
  • feel numbness or loss of sensation in the legs
  • have blurry eyesight

As for me, I did have all as the above, but I never give much attention. Furthermore, I’m 25 years old with 53kg weight and 157cm height. Thus, I’m not overweight and I’m still young. In addition, I’m pregnant my first child and I never have an abortion. Last but not least, neither my mother nor my father has diabetes in the past.

However, since my pregnancy I always feel hungry, thirsty and tired. Sometimes, I had blurry sight and I often urinate. Let’s say, almost every hour at night I woke up just to pee. I also lose weight drastically, about 3.5 kg in a month. Once, I got a fever and it took almost a week to recover. I also got dry and itchy skin and whenever I start scratching, I feel hard to stop it. The other symptom of diabetes that I got is I will lose feeling on the legs if I suddenly stand up and walk after I sit for a few minutes.

Hopefully, with the advice from the doctor and my special care over my diet, I could kick away all the ants from my system.