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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shopping Baby Clothes through The Stores

Last Sunday, my husband and I went shopping clothes and stuffs for our to-be born baby. Our choices for shopping are Carrefour and The Store shopping complex. Shopping for baby clothes and stuffs through the stores really tires me and my husband.

Carrefour is at Seberang Prai and quite far from Kulim. We took about an hour to reached Carrefour by car drives. When we arrived, the roof parking lot already full with car and other motorbike. So, we park at extra car park lot near the building.

Many people of all races already roaming and selecting goods from racks when we enter the shopping area. As we were excited, we wasted no time and headed to the kids area. There were so many brands, colors, designs and prices displayed. We really have had fun time shopping clothes and other stuffs for our baby.

We managed to buy a light green color towel, three pairs of baby blouse and pant, three pairs of bootees and mittens, a piece of baby soother, a set of colorful baby nappy pins, two pieces of baby milk bottle, and a light red color baby spring cot net. The prices at Carrefour are reasonable and promises good quality too.

While we were on our way home, we stopped by The Store shopping complex at Kulim town. At The Store, we bought two pairs more of baby blouse and pant, a pair of bootees and mitten, a package of twelve pieces Pureen baby napkin and a set of Pureen plastic tie-pants, a bright red color vacuum flask, a light purple color plastic jug, a light blue color basin, two bottles of hygienic Anakku baby talc.

When we reached our home that same night, we were really exhausted. We felt our feet a little swollen and our leg a little weary. We really enjoyed shopping clothes and stuffs for our baby and we don’t think that we would forget the experience easily. However, we felt a bit disappointed because we did not prepare list for things that we need to buy before we went shopping.

* My advice to others, prepare a list of things that you want to buy before you go shopping. Don’t just go shopping and shop because you might forget the things that you really should buy but buy things that you shouldn’t. Besides shopping in the stores, you also could shop by internet.