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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Bed And Mattress for Back Pain Relief

What is your feeling, if you feel a hard pain in you back when you woke up from your night sleep? As for me, I felt depress and tension just as much as my husband.

Since our marriage, we only use comforter as our mattress. We never had any pain until lately, our sleep were spoiled by the pain in our back. Consuming that if we change our comforter with a bed and mattress, we would hush away all the pain. Unfortunately, the pain still bothers us. My husband still groans whenever he woke up from his sleep and I just as much.

Because of our low budget, I cannot afford to buy a fine mattress like Dormia's, we bought a Masterfoam's foam mattress with an iron couple bed instead. The mattress is queen size of 5 inch thick. We did sleep soundly at first. However, after 3 or 4 weeks later, my husband starts complaining that the pain in his back has return.

Just why our back in pain and bothered our sleep? My conclusions are because of the way we stretch our back during our sleep and foam mattress is not a good solution because it would slacken after some time of usage and could not imitate our body posture accordingly.

First lessons from my story is don’t trust the seller, no matter what they says about a mattress unless you want to regret later as I did. Secondly, do a little study of suitable mattress that suits your needs before buying. Lastly, don’t just go and buy a mattress from a shop, survey from a shop to another shop and compared the prices instead.