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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Baby Kicks Me Active, Healthy and Naughty

My baby moves a lot lately. He always kicks me in my stomach (assuming that my baby is a boy). How active and naughty of him. But I feel relief because of the kick. It indicates that he is fine and healthy.

I’m 22+ weeks pregnant now. From what I’ve read, whoever over than 20 weeks pregnant is in her second trimester stage.

In second trimester stage, the baby could be very thin but very developed. The eyelids and eyebrows are now formed, and the brain begins to growth rapidly. Their gender also has begun to form their descent from pelvis to the scrotum. All this development could be seen by ultrasound examination.

So, it’s common if my belly stretch out and swollen big already. It’s because the uterus (my baby) is nearly an inch above my navel. I also gain more weight now as my baby continues to fill out my belly, and I no longer in shapely figure because of the extra weight begins to take its toll on my back.

I really am glad with my baby movement. It never hurt me, instead it make me feels funny and happy. It also makes me feels like a mother and accompanied. Furthermore, the doctor told me, the kick indicates that my baby is fine, active and healthy.