Health Tip Diabetes During Pregnancy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Diabetes Type 1 Among Children

That’s right. That’s what I just found out in my search through the net. Even our little sweetheart is endangered by diabetes. It is known as diabetes type 1 and formerly called ‘juvenile diabetes’ or ‘insulin-dependent diabetes’.

Diabetes could happen to any body of any age. Not only a pregnant woman or an overweight person threatened by diabetes, but also our children and our teenagers. In other word, diabetes could be developed since childhood, not only at older age or during pregnancy.

It’s unbelievable though, how our child who is still at young age could be a victim of diabetes. A simple consumption could be made here. Either it’s us, as the parent plant the disease in their body or because of their pancreas failed to function normally to support their body.

Just how we plant the symptom in our child body? That’s the answer that a parent should give a considerable time to refresh and revised what we had give our child eat everyday, what our child ate and drink the most and are they being inactive all the time .

But how could we confirm they are endangered by the disease? A diabetic usually showed the same symptoms. In the next post we will discuss it further. Till then beware of our child dietary. Don’t pet them with sweet food or soft drink and try to lures them to be active because diabetes Type 1 could strike them at anytime, with or without signs.

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