Health Tip Diabetes During Pregnancy

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Genital Infection during Pregnancy

I believe I have to be overbold if I’m going to blog about this. And I also believe that I’d once write about genital infection during pregnancy in my previous post which is Gestational Diabetes Complications and Risks.

If I’m not mistaken, genital infection is caused by fungal infection called ‘candida albicans’ around a woman’s genital, which is also known as vaginitis. A white or yellowish, or quite greenish liquid is discharge from that part of the body. It makes its surround itches like mad. It also causes bad smell and redness to the area.

After seeing the doctor, she advised me to changed underwear frequently and never ever wears damp underwear. She also has given me a few tablets called ‘Candida Vaginal Tablets’ as treatment for the infection. It is yellow tablets that you push into that part of the body just before you head off to sleep.

Lastly, I would like to recommend you guys to these sites for more info about this sort of thing. Hmmm…it is (a blog of another woman’s experience with same infection) and Group Health Care (a site for drug database).

Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby Size at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

Hmm.. I wonder what my baby’s size is now. As I recall from my latest visit to the clinic, my womb height is about 28 cm and around 7 cm above my navel. And I believed that his weight is more than 2 kg now, because the last time I did an ultrasound scans which was when I am 26 weeks pregnant, his weight is about 1.57 kg.

From what I’d read, I realized that his eyebrows and eyelashes are present by this week. His eyelids could be open and his eyes are completely formed. So is his hair on the head. His body also gets plumber and rounder with some amount of body fat.

Most interesting info is that by 28 weeks of pregnancy, our baby could recognize our voice. So, I’d practically try to talk to him as much as I can spare. Be sure you will talk to your baby a lot too. It’s amusing though because if peoples saw us with that act, they sure think that we are insane..ha..ha..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Abortion, Miscarriage or Stillbirth?

The words abortion or miscarriage, or stillbirth, simplifies the meaning of baby death during pregnancy.

An abortion or a miscarriage is known for a baby or a fetus born without signs of life before 24 weeks of pregnancy. However, if any baby is born with no signs of life after 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is known as stillbirth.

In many cases, the cause of death cannot be established. But many have postulated the following as a possible cause of the baby’s death:

• Pre-existing diabetes or high blood pressure in the mother.
• If the pregnant mother (who did not previously have high blood pressure) develops high blood pressure during pregnancy.
• If the pregnant mother develops fits (eclampsia) during pregnancy.
• If there are placental problems.
• If there is an infection in the mother, which transmits to the baby, such as toxoplasmosis, Group B strep, ‘listeriosis’ or German measles.
• Rhesus factor disease.
• Premature rupture of the membranes surrounding the baby.

Peoples will only take precaution when there is tragedy in one’s life. The point is, one’s should be more alert and take precaution to avoid a tragedy such as an abortion or a miscarriage, or a stillbirth. Once you suspect that you are with a child, you must go to the doctor for confirmation. If you feel something is wrong during your pregnancy, always feel oblige for medical check-ups. Do not take the risk of defaulting treatment just because you think everything is okay during your pregnancy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Symptom Teeth Bleeding, Finger Numbness, Legs Cramp during Pregnancy

Lately, I’ve been suffering teeth bleeding, finger numbness and also legs cramp. As I discuss with the doctor, he simply told me the reason for the symptoms.

First of all, he gave me a brief talk of nutrient importance to a human’s body, specifically to a pregnant woman’s body. And the reason is, instead of the woman’s body self need, her body also is the only source to provide the baby with balance nutrient.

Lack in any type of nutrient will leads to ill health. Those symptoms I suffer are simply due to the inadequate intake of calcium. While in the process of growing, a baby simply needs more calcium for his bone structure. And he extracts the needed calcium from the mother’s body. That’s why a pregnant woman is advised to take more food which calcium is present, such as ‘ikan bilis’, meat and diary products together with the given supplement.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baby Moves a Lot in My Belly

My baby kicks my belly very little, but moves a lot lately. Sometimes I felt him moves to the left side, and some other times to the right side. I started feeling this movement when I reach 26 weeks pregnant. You know, the side that he loves the most is my right side. I wonder why, mmm…

Instead of that, I also felt a few soft touching and tickling movement at a different place simultaneously. Sometimes, I felt like he tickles me at my waist and sometimes, I felt like he is touching me at my button and my lower abdomen. And of course, all of this movement causes me no pain at all, but makes me smiling like a proud mom. Hehehe…

I have told the nurse all about the movement on my latest visit to the clinic, last July 30, 2006. Wonder what she told me? Not much. She only told me that my baby is fully grown now and she asks me to lay on a bed for physical examination. My womb height is ok (about 28 cm), and she also rub a device on my belly. As she rubs the device, I heard my baby’s heart beat. His heart beat sounds quite fast, and furious.

Next, the nurse says nothing about the sounds and physical examination. But, she gave me a piece of form to be filled starts on that very same day, until the delivery day. It is a form of a few columns. I was needed to tick a column each time my baby moves or kicks my belly starts from 9 am t 9 pm every day. I only have to tick for the first 10 movements or kicks and write the time for the tenth (last) move.

Later, she told me that a normal mother will only starts filling the same form when they reach 32 weeks, but a mother with GDM will have to starts at 28 weeks.

Lastly, she advised me to hurry to the hospital if my baby does not move or move less than 10 moves after 9 am to 9 pm. She also repeat the same advised she gave me on my last visit, which is to immediately go to the hospital if I feel my baby unmoving (no moves or kicks), feel pain in belly (extraordinary pain), or still don’t give birth as the EDD date (overdue delivery).